monday playlist

I have an addiction to setting my itunes to random play while I’m driving. Guys, it seriously produces the best playlists. Extra points if the windows are down and the day is bright.

For this Monday Playlist, here’s one from a particularly chipper morning drive.

Spotify Playlist

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees

If you don’t still jam to this, do you even like music?

The Front Bottoms – Rhode Island

There’s just something really sobering about this tune, but in a fun way. Ohh, TFB…

Modern Baseball – See Ya, Sucker

Only people who grew up in a town that said “reckon” all the time will remember this *peace sign emoji*

The Clash – London Calling

I mean, c’mon.

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

That breakdown before the outro, though, amiright?

Of Monsters and Men – Lakehouse

Don’t knock it till you try it.

Queens of the Stone Age – Go With The Flow

Gods. And this might be my favorite QOTSA song ever.

Frank Turner – Recovery

Redundant as this has been featured before, but it’s SO DAMN GOOD.

Vance Joy – Riptide

Can you even think of a more perfect summertime song? (Obviously *besides* Come On, Eileen.)

Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds

On the best NIN album. Fight me on this.

Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent

Just a ripper in general from a ripper band.


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