project 365 : week 26

177 : 365


No, I’m not crazy, we don’t have pumpkins out yet. I was just feeling fall-crispy on this day because I could use the comforting. So, yeah, I cheated on the 365.

178 : 365


I swear to god, this was not posed!! I just wanted to have my hand on top of Joe’s while he was cuddling Mollie and she stretched her paw out and put it on mine. We do not deserve dogs!!!!

179 : 365


From a maternity/mom + daughter session with my good friend, Emily. How damn cute is she?

180 : 365


This day was so hot, but also super breezy, so I thought it would be nice to do some yoga outside; even though I felt like my neighbors were watching me the entire time!

181 : 365


I love these flower bunches that we have. Recent rains have completely trampled them, so I wanted to capture one before they were done for!

182 : 365

yoga dog

I’d say Maddie’s feeling a lot better after her surgery last week.




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