Monday Playlist: Podcasts I Love

Hello there!

I’ve been diving into The Brain Candy Podcast for the last week or so and I’m loving it. I subscribed to it a while ago, when Sarah Rice-Patterson was on the Jenna + Julien Podcast, but JUST NOW decided to binge it.

So, I thought it might be fun to share my “playlist” of podcasts! Here we go!


Jenna + Julien Podcast

jenna julien pod

This has to be my favorite podcast of all time. I’ve been an avid Jenna Marbles fan since I saw her videos for the first time in 2010. So the natural progression of fandom was to get into her boyfriend, Julien’s, vlogs and then their podcast. It was born from them streaming awesome drunk conversations that they were having at 3am west coast time until fans were like, “hey dudes, we wanna watched these but we aren’t staying up until 6am east coast time to watch.” They turned it into a podcast and what’s unique about it is that they also both have a YouTube following so they also offer the episodes in video form on the platform, which I think is genius.

It’s a quirky podcast with some recent event discussions, internet personality guests and games. Definitely check them out!


The Brain Candy Podcast

Brain Candy Pod


I found The Brain Candy Podcast thanks to Jenna + Julien! Sarah was a guest following her completion of MTV’s The Challenge, Rivals and I loved her. Sarah is from Real World, Brooklyn and Susie is from Road Rules, Australia. They met during their time on The Challenge years ago and have both since retired from the reality TV scene. If you’re smart, which they are, you create your own opportunities and they have with this podcast.

It’s smart, funny and insightful. Susie has her doctorate and Sarah is currently pursuing a master’s. They discuss everything from politics to reality TV to murderers and cults. HIGHLY recommend.


Regular Girls

regular girls pod


This is another one that I’m just getting into. I think it’s because, for the longest time in my head, I was like, “no other podcast will ever live up to J+J’s.” But once I started getting into Brain Candy, I decided others need to be given the chance (no shit, Kelly). Joe and I are (embarrassingly) WWE fans and Renee Young is one of their personalities. I’m not ultra-familiar with Stacey, but from my research and light listening of the podcast, she’s great!


The next two, I’ve not actually listened to yet but they are on my list for good reason!



congratulations pod


Chris D’elia is one of my favorite comedians (aside from Iliza Shlesinger, but she deleted her podcast channel when she started her FreeForm show). He’s hysterical and has such an interesting view on things like sports fandom and kids. This will be my next binge for sure.


My Favorite Murder

my favorite murder


This has been recommended to me about a million times! I know that I’m not alone when I say this, but murders and macabre things fascinate me. I watched Unsolved Mysteries with my grandma and aunt when I was younger; begged my parents to let me watch Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was seriously way too young to watch either of them — honestly, I’m still too young for Texas Chainsaw Massacre — cannibals were super interesting to me, I guess; and I got to sneak-watch movies like Scream at my friend’s house. Obviously, this is different, because it’s true crime, but that’s right up my alley!


What are your favorite podcasts? Do you love any of these ones?!



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