Nova Coffee + Michal + David Grohl Alley

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I’m super hyped about my lens. I couldn’t wait to try it out in the outside world! Of course, the next logical step was to get my good friend, Michal, to be my model. She and I did a Joker/Harley Quinn cosplay shoot around Halloween and election time. You can find that shoot on my Flickr, McKee Foos Photography Facebook page or my photography website. She had a great look, she’s photogenic and has a great vibe!

First, we met at Nova Coffee in downtown Warren, Ohio to caff-up.

Then, we went on down to David Grohl Alley for some photos! In case you didn’t know, Dave is from Warren, Ohio and we’re pretty damn proud of it, obviously.


Finally, we returned to Nova for some nourishment. The Beet Down was the perfect summer lunch for two veggie girls needing to cool down after such a fire photo sesh. I stuck with the spinach wrap it normally comes on, but Michal opted for the pretzel bun!

WM nova 3.jpg

This was the best ending to a much needed afternoon. I’m very happy to know that I can use photography and art as a way to lift up my lady friends who are going through any number of things. Women are so dope and strong.


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