Hi there! headshot 2

Thanks for checking out my little slice of the internet!

I put a few tidbits about me on the home page but here is a more in-depth look!

I’m happily married and happily chillin’ in Youngstown, Ohio. You might have heard of us; we get lots of negative publicity for unfortunate circumstances, as we are part of the Rust Belt and clawing our way out of the blight that has overrun the Mahoning Valley. But Youngstown has a dope art and music scene, great local businesses and nonprofits, my alma mater — Youngstown State (which has been named one of the safest campuses in the nation, might I add) — and some really amazing people doing cool stuff all over the Valley.

My husband is a pretty cool guy. We met at the restaurant that we both worked at, at the time. He balances me out and keeps me grounded. Which you would think a Taurus like me wouldn’t need, but I’m on the cusp of Gemini, so his Cancer ways are helpful! We got married in 2010 and I don’t think our relationship has ever been stronger than it is now.

I graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising/PR and Psychology.

I’m super proud to say that during my time there, I made one of the best decisions of my life, which was to join Delta Zeta. I know, I know… drinking, partying, skipping class and painting coolers, right? Nope! I mean, we had our fun, but every college kid does. I met some of the raddest people that I know in Greek Life. Young men and women who truly changed me and who will without a doubt help change the world for the better. And we all have kick-ass philanthropies that we support, too!


I’m also, like, pretty much obsessed with animals, but mostly my two Schnauzers, Mollie and Maddie. 23056761660_100c3d7b1b_o

I’ve always loved animals but in January 2011, I started to realize the ways that they are treated, companion and farm alike. It’s not cool. June 13th of that year, I made the commitment to go vegetarian. I am now making strides to change my lifestyle and diet into full blown vegan. If you want to know why, you may ask! But this is not my platform to preach and push; simply my platform to share my journey.

cropped bw conor joseph.jpg And, of course, we can’t forget the little human that I’m brewing. We are expecting our first human kid on August 2nd of this year! Little Conor Joseph.

What else do you need to know?

Feel free to reach out on my socials or on here if you have any questions or comments!

ESPECIALLY if you have a blog, too! 🙂